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Pilates Total Fitness Reformer


Pilates Total Fitness Reformer implements the STOTT  PILATES methodology with specific exercises done on the Reformer.   The reformer work can be done in a private setting or as a group.  The class may incorporate small equipment such as bands, weighted hand balls, small stability balls, the fitness circle, and the large stability ball to add variety and identify areas of weakness or imbalances to improve.  Sessions may also include work done on the Pilates Chair and Ladder Barrel.


This workout is for both the beginner as well as the advance student. Basic knowledge of the repertoire is require therefore  we recommend at least one private session to learn the reformer equipment prior to jumping into one of our groups. 


The reformer can be used for a total body workout as well as for rehabilitation from injury.  It provides a wide range of exercises that can be modified to suit the specific needs of any client.  The reformer will challenges you more as you progress with an endless variety of exercises. Pilates reformer training is an excellent way to build core strength and functional mobility.


All Pilates sessions incorporate the 5 basic STOTT principles:


1. Breathing

2. Pelvic Placement

3. Rib Cage Placement

4. Scapular Movement &  Stability

5. Head & Cervical Placement.



Pilates Core Mat


Pilates Core Mat teaches STOTT PILATES exercises on the mat. The class incorporates small equipment such as bands, weighted hand balls, small stability balls, the fitness circle, and the large stability ball.

Grp mat rollover

Pilates mat is an all levels class that will challenge each client more as they progress. It is a system of controlled movement that engages the mind and conditions the total body. The blend of strength and flexibility improves posture, increases mobility, and strengthens the core creating long lean balanced muscles.   It's all about core strength and functional stability.  Remember your core is everything between your neck and thighs.  360°, meaning your entire trunk!

You will gain stability, flexibility, and strength that will carry into your everyday life.  Mat work will prepare you for all the things you love to do and allow you to participate in activities safely and with confidence.

Note: Private training sessions include an individual postural analysis and movement assessment to identify imbalances and asymmetries that drive individualized programming.


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