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Total Barre


Total Barre is a high energy exercise program that combines elements of STOTT PILATES Mat work, ballet barre work, and athletic conditioning exercises.  It incorporates light weights, resistance band, and the stability ball.  Total Barre helps to gain graceful movement patterns while building strength and endurance particularly in the legs and glutes (your bum). The workout is geared towards all fitness levels.


 The emphasis is on small intensive movements to condition and define the muscles combined with stretches to lengthen them and increase joint flexibility.


The principles of Total Barre are STOTT PILATES based to create efficient and safe exercise where body strength and awareness are increased as well as flexibility and balance.  The goal created when using Total Barre effectively is to focus on the quality of the movements with proper form and to reduce the risk of injury or over use while working in a safe environment with a qualified instructor. 


A typical class:

• Starting with a standing warm up using toning balls or bands working the muscles through the arms, legs, shoulder girdle and spine while bringing awareness to pelvic positioning and proper breath.

• Barre work is introduced at a ballet barre to engage the larger muscles of the legs and those surrounding the hip while in a standing position. Also challenging balance.

• Mat based exercises follow using gluteals, abdominals, back extensors, and adductors and abductors.

• The workout is concluded with a cool down of active isolated stretches.


This is a fun up tempo class that is physically and mentally challenging in a whole new way!

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