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6:49 pm

For the Love of Exercise

To me, exercise is not a punishment it is a reward...It makes me feel strong, powerful and confident in myself knowing that I can do this. Read More

6:44 pm

Getting Your Mojo Back

This past winter I was asked to take part in a team triathlon in Old Orchard Beach Maine with other members of a racing team I am on. I had been in a funk with racing, I lost my mojo so to speak for competition. It happens and I knew I just needed to take a break. So this race seemed like the perfect no pressure option for me. Read More

7:51 pm

How has Pilates affected your life?

The next few posts will be from some of our clients.  We thought it would be interesting to share some of their stories.  Please feel free to share your own comments.  We would like to hear your story!

Pilates has become an integral part of my life.  When I began, I was looking for a sustainable way to move my body over time - years - that would help me continually build strength and tone my body.  I wanted to learn more about how my body was meant to move and I wanted the movement to be purposeful, and something that I could build on over time. I found that Pilates does all those things for me.  I've learned so much about my capabilities, what my body can do, and the importance of connecting my mind and my breath to my movements.  I can attribute so many changes - big and small - to doing Pilates consistently every week.  The time I've spent on the mat and on the reformer have toned my body, improved my posture, and changed how I move all the time.  I'm aware of what my body can do, where its limits are, and how I can strengthen its weaknesses.  Deciding to learn to use my body to sustain itself is one of the most important decisions I've made about my health.  The instructors at Symmetry Pilates Center have been wonderfully supportive; they share their knowledge and expertise at each session, and help you make improvements.  I am so grateful to have found such a great studio to practice at each week. - Erin

7:10 pm

Achieving confidence through failure

Pilates is a very different form of exercise than many people are used to doing. The method itself calls upon you to think about how you move your body and how to better that movement through precise and controlled exercise and specific movement patterning. It is a very mindful exercise that some love immediately and others find extremely frustrating. Read More

2:52 pm

Group training vs. private training. Which should you choose?

There are definitely pros and cons to both group and private training. Whether you are new to exercise or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast wanting to change things up a bit, weighing your options is a good idea to find out what will help you to reach your goals. Read More

4:21 pm

Reach for your goals - Ironman and Pilates

In 2006, I decided to do my first triathlon. I was training a guy who had been racing for years. It was something I had wanted to do for a while but seemed out of reach. I ran cross country in high school and through out college for fitness. I had biked relatively infrequently, mostly as a form of transportation but the swim thing scared me. I mean, I could swim, or at least not drown..... Read More

2:47 pm


I had been teaching pilates classes and courses for a couple years as well as other fitness classes when I became pregnant…..with twins. Surprisingly enough, the twin thing didn’t come as a huge shock. I have twin cousins, twin great uncles and my husband as twin cousins. So part of me was expecting it. Read More

2:43 pm


My first introduction to pilates as I mentioned last week was the classical style of pilates. There are many styles of pilates under the pilates umbrella; polestar, classical, balanced body, STOTT PILATES, etc. They all started from the original works of Joeseph Pilates who, at the time, called it Contrology. It wasn’t until after his passing that it was known as pilates. Read More

2:33 pm


In 1999, I was working at a physical therapist at an outpatient orthopedic clinic. It was there that I was first introduced to pilates. The PT facility was hosting a workshop, ‘Pilates for Physical Therapists’. Pilates had started becoming the ‘new thing’ at the fitness facility where I was currently teaching kickboxing. So, in order to see what this pilates thing was, I decided to attend the 2 day workshop. The primary instructor was also a PT and she brought along a pilates apprentice to help assist with the class. An apprentice? For pilates? The style taught was the classical style of pilates training as I found out later. Read More

2:12 pm

Are you getting enough Protein?

If not.. you may be setting yourself up to loose muscle instead of fat!

Your body needs protein to build muscle and trigger matabolism of stored fat.  So one change you can make to your diet to improve fat loss is to ensure you are getting enough protien in your daily diet.

How much protien do you need:lean meat

Men: 2 palm-sized portions per meal

Women: 1 palm-sized portion per  meal

What are some good choices for protien?

lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, lean game
meats), lean vegetarian sources (tofu, tempeh, legumes), or powdered protein supplements

Snacking on raw nuts can also boost your daily protien intake and satisfy hunger between meals.  Just make sure not to overdue since nuts can also be high in overal calories.

Maybe try replacing the carbohydrate (grain based foods: bread, rice, pasta) in your meal with a larger portion of protien.

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