Are You Getting Enough Protein?

If not.. you may be setting yourself up to loose muscle instead of fat!

Your body needs protein to build muscle and trigger matabolism of stored fat. So one change you can make to your diet to improve fat loss is to ensure you are getting enough protien in your daily diet.

How much protien do you need:
Men: 2 palm-sized portions per meal
Women: 1 palm-sized portion per meal

What are some good choices for protien?
lean meats (chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, lean game meats), lean vegetarian sources (tofu, tempeh, legumes), or powdered protein supplements

Snacking on raw nuts can also boost your daily protien intake and satisfy hunger between meals. Just make sure not to overdue since nuts can also be high in overal calories.

Maybe try replacing the carbohydrate (grain based foods: bread, rice, pasta) in your meal with a larger portion of protien.

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