Below are the STOTT PILATES upcoming training courses and workshops being held at Symmetry Pilates Center, taught by STOTT Instructor Trainer and physical therapist, Cheryl Alden. One-on-one instructor training time can be scheduled with Cheryl upon request.



Sundays October 22th, October 29th and November 19th.


Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization: Matwork (RM1)

This module introduces you to the biomechanical principles of STOTT PILATES and how they apply to modified Matwork exercises. Light equipment including balls, bands and rollers are used to emphasize lumbo-pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization and the role they play in rehabilitation and injury prevention. Typically, courses are conducted over 3 days.

Learning objectives

  • Review of STOTT PILATES basic principles
  • Identification of proper execution and movement patterns
  • Effective verbal cueing and imagery
  • Clinical problem solving using the STOTT PILATES method
  • A focus on spinal, pelvic and scapular conditions
  • Over 35 exercises plus multiple modifications

Other workshops and courses TBA

To sign up for the courses and workshops visit the Northeast Pilates Education Center’s automatic scheduling site, or contact [email protected] or call 978.526.0002 x12

All instructors are certified and dedicated
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