Nutrition – Am I Eating Too Much Food?

I hope you are continuing your food log. And if you have slipped or have not started yet.. time to get back to it and start recording what you actually eat and how much of it. Remember there are many handy phone apps that will make this very easy to do.

So question 1: Are you eating too much food?

A good rule to follow is to stope eathing when you are 80% full. You don’t want to feel stuffed just satisfied. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Eat from a smaller plate
  • Perhaps leave a little on your plate (good choice here is the starch/carb all your vegees.)
  • Stop at one portion and don’t go back for seconds.

Pick a strategy and see if you can consistantly follow it.

Next: Are you getting enough protein?

Here is what I had for lunch today:
Toasted whole grain english muffin, spread with hummus, layer sliced tomatoe and avocado, salt and pepper. I included a little taboli on the side.

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