Nutrition – Learn It, Live It – What Am I Eating?

In starting on the road to better nutrition and learning how to better and fuel the body – one of the first steps is to find out what you are currently eating… really eating, not what you think you are eating.

How much do I really eat?… what do I really eat?… am I deficient in particular nutrients?

Step 1, start to keep a food log.

Don’t total the calories, grams of fat, sugar, or protein until the end of the week – this is just recording, no judgment. See how it goes… can you do it.. don’t cheat no one will see it – just you. Let me know how it goes and if you uncover anything interesting.

There are also some cool apps you can use to make it supper simple. One I like is Fat Secret it has many common foods you get at your grocery store and you can add the ones it doesn’t have.

Phone Apps: Fat Secret, Spark people

Online Apps: My Food Diary, Ever note (can be used for notes on anything)

Paper and pen: Old fashioned but it works.

Join me and start keeping your food log – remember no judgement just write it all down, what and how much – don’t forget the sugar and cream in your coffee

5 Questions for Weight loss: here they are

  1. Are you eating too much food?
  2. Are you eating enough protien?
  3. Are you eating too many sugars or starches?
  4. Are you eating enough vegetables?
  5. are you including enough healthy fats?

Next: Lets look into each of these questions further.

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