Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Try TRX® Functional Strength Suspension Training! Our approach to fitness emphasizes functional movements that promote strength, endurance, and balance, all while improving performance in sports and everyday activities. With TRX®, you’ll experience a workout that’s both challenging and rewarding, leaving you feeling stronger and more confident than ever before.

TRX and the Rip Trainer can be incorporated into your private or semi private training sessions.

TRX employs an integrated approach of strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. This type of training demands neuromuscular coordination to build optimal strength and performance.

TRX is a revolutionary method of leveraging bodyweight exercise as a single coordinated system. It recreates movement patterns fundamental to most human activities.

With the direction of a certified trainer to ensure proper form plus repetition, you enhance the execution of these movements on the playing field and in life’s tasks. TRX classes also incorporate the TRX RIP Trainer.

The Rip Trainer is a tool to generate and resist rotational forces and increase performance. It uses spiral movement patterns to train both anti-rotational strength and power. Both Challenging and fun – you will feel the effects and see the results!

It’s time to push yourself to a higher level of fitness!

Make your Body your Machine!