Why Stott Pilates?

My first introduction to pilates as I mentioned last week was the classical style of pilates. There are many styles of pilates under the pilates umbrella; polestar, classical, balanced body, STOTT PILATES, etc. They all started from the original works of Joeseph Pilates who, at the time, called it Contrology. It wasn’t until after his passing that it was known as pilates.

The reason I chose STOTT PILATES is that it made sense to me. It is more anatomically based that some of the other styles and takes into account what science and research has told us about the human body and how it is supposed to move and function. As a PT, I could relate to it more. It became more than just cuing exercises. It was about teaching people how to move better, more efficiently.

After I took the initial mat certification, I moved on to the 50 hour intensive reformer certification. I then proceeded to complete the full certification which included the cadillac, chair and barrels apparatus’, injuries and special populations course as well as all the advanced work in each discipline. All of which I needed to be tested with both a written and practical exam! After I graduated college, I thought my board exam was going to be the last big exam I ever took.

Test day came and I was nervous. I wanted to do well, of course. I am a bit neurotic when it comes to test taking and want to always be as prepared as possible. So much so that I was dreaming about pilates. Basic principles, names of exercises, choreography, postural scenarios, the list went on.

I am happy to say that I passed with flying colors, phew! Maybe I got brownie points for wearing my STOTT PILATES t-shirtJ. After my test, I was asked to become an instructor trainer. A what? The woman who tested me owns a licensed training center for STOTT PILATES and was looking for more people to teach the courses I just tested out for. Sounds like fun. Sure, I’ll give it a go!

It is interesting to think how my career path would have been different had I said no. I may have still been working in a clinical setting getting patients to do pilates and teaching classes at a gym. It was never a thought in my head to actually teach this stuff for others to learn when I started taking the training. That one instant of me saying yes sent me on a path to continue my pilates training in Toronto, meet other pilates instructors from around the world, literally, who share a passion for teaching and training. It has opened up opportunities to travel to teach courses in other facilities, meet wonderful, passionate people in this small tight knit community of pilates who I would have otherwise not met.

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